Monday, January 26, 2009

The Knights of the Altar - Baguio City Cathedral

The Knights of the Altar consists of High School students in Baguio City mostly belonging to the less fortunate sector of the society. Despite the realities in life, these children remains optimistic, devoting their time for the faithful hoping that the Almighty can hear their prayers of a better future. Denver Tiokeng himself, their President, Chairman of the Ministry of the Altar Service and the coordinator of the Youth Sector of the Diocese of Baguio City, is already in his 3rd year in mass communication course at St. Luis University when he stopped schooling because of financial difficulties. He worked for a brief period in a call center, but decided to resign after realizing that his work deprives him extra time to serve his ministry and guide his flock. Tiokeng himself is an Altar Boy for 10 years, since he was in elementary up to this writing. To augment his flock's means for their allowances to attend to the Ministry, he organized a Choir where they can sing and perform during Mass, Weddings and other occasion.

Hence, it is but fitting to feature them. Who knows if there are good Samaritan that passes by.

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